Every Girl Deserves a Pretty Dress

So here are the instructions on how to make the dresses.  There is one set of instructions using a pillowcase and there is also another set of instructions if you are using fabric.

All you need to do in print off the instructions, armhole template and pocket template, if you want to add them, and thats it!!

You're ready to make a dress with love!


Pillowcase Instructions.doc (590 kB)                                                                                             Girls Armhole for Pillowcases.pdf (287351)

Fabric Instructions.doc (527,5 kB)                                                                                                       Girls Armhole for Fabric.pdf (294009)

                                                                             Girls Pocket Template.pdf (494416)

What About the Boys?

Well, we cant leave the boys out so why not make them shorts from mens T-shirts!!  These are so simple and when finished look Fab.  All you need is the instructions, a pattern and a pocket template.

Just choose the size according to your t-shirt.  e.g M pattern for a Medium sized t-shirt.  When finished, just write the size of the t-shirt inside the waistband!!

REMEMBER: Print off the patterns as ACTUAL SIZE

Happy Sewing!!

Boys Shorts - M sized t-shirt.pdf (1529126)                                                                    Boys Side Pocket - M.pdf (85522)

Boys Shorts - L sized t-shirt.pdf (1596239)                                                                    Boys Side Pocket - L.pdf (85630)

Boys Shorts - XL sized T-shirt.pdf (1608171)                                                                Boys Side Pocket - XL.pdf (86115)

Boys Shorts - XXL Sized T-Shirt.pdf (2279999)                                                                        Boys Side Pocket - XXL.pdf (85879)

                                                                      Boys Back Pocket.pdf (85135)






Coming Soon

Pattern for Dresses made from Mens Shirts!!!!